It was nice having Coffee with you today. I was touched by your inspiration and love for human beings. You have a heart of an angel, a vision to make everyone around you prosper, a mind and desire to sacrifice the valuable gifts in your life, for the poor in society to gain insight and take a step out of their situation and live a life of prosperity.

You have touched my BONSAI EFFECT and given me the key to open the doors of knowledge, wisdom and understanding. I am very grateful and I hope to keep this friendship alive. You are such a great mentor and counsellor. The short time spent with you today has helped me gain
consciousness and awareness of who I am and what I am capable of doing in life. Thank you sir for the true love you have shown me. Thank you for the wise advise and I promise to follow the steps you have given me, while at the same time, believing in God for a better and brighter tomorrow in JESUS name. I will keep you posted as I undo the twisted elements in my life while been hopeful and trusting God for

Best regards
Isaiah Lahai

Isaiah Lahai

To my friend and also my Boss Freddy… Thank you so much for your wonderful advice you never give up on me Sir. I really appreciate your kindness you’re a Great person I ever met in the internet world. I haven’t met you in person yet but the way you Helped shows that you’re a true person who never give up that easy and never expect in return. My family is bless of knowing you, my kids will be happier and never forget you. If you need my service you know how to contact me I am always available when you need me same thing you did to me too. I will not give up on you, boss, I always include you to our prayers. Always remember they never put the good man down that easy and that is you. I wish you all the best and more success in your life. More power!

Respectfully yours,
Carlo “Skeptronz” Pia

Carlo “Skeptronz” Pia

My dear, dear and very precious friend whom is like a brother.

Thank you so much for your kind words that I know came from your heart. Once again you brought tears to my eyes, but this time tears of love, joy and gratitude. I don’t see in me what you see, but I have total trust in your insight and wisdom, thus I accept what you say in GOD’s grace and in humble gratefulness.

What you see in others Freddy, is a reflection of yourself. If I have these potentialities, and I believe we all do, then they are in you – you are seeing yourself, your talents and attributes. What you say about and for me is also for you and in you. In effect you are seeing yourself. Your presence brings this out in others.

Life conditions gave me the open heart surgery, with a chain saw and no anesthetic, you have held my hand through the IC ward and now it is time to move me to the recovery unit. From here anything can and will happen. I have no idea where this is all heading and at this stage that is unimportant. There are things I do feel and hence the statement “The journey continues, the adventure begins.”
Without your love and compassion, brother I would not be here and none of what has happened to me would have been possible. I appreciate everything you have done and will do from the very depths of my soul. You have my unconditional love, gratitude, compassion and a permanent open hand and heart.

GOD is with you brother and I am with you. When you are ready to come north, please let me know. I am preparing a place for you.

Bless you Freddy,
I appreciate you Kind regards Billy