It was nice having Coffee with you today. I was touched by your inspiration and love for human beings. You have a heart of an angel, a vision to make everyone around you prosper, a mind and desire to sacrifice the valuable gifts in your life, for the poor in society to gain insight and take a step out of their situation and live a life of prosperity.

You have touched my BONSAI EFFECT and given me the key to open the doors of knowledge, wisdom and understanding. I am very grateful and I hope to keep this friendship alive. You are such a great mentor and counsellor. The short time spent with you today has helped me gain
consciousness and awareness of who I am and what I am capable of doing in life. Thank you sir for the true love you have shown me. Thank you for the wise advise and I promise to follow the steps you have given me, while at the same time, believing in God for a better and brighter tomorrow in JESUS name. I will keep you posted as I undo the twisted elements in my life while been hopeful and trusting God for

Best regards
Isaiah Lahai