Over coming things like anxiety, depression, confusion and dysfunctional behavioural patterns are among the many debilitating issues that prevent some people from moving forward and living a fulfilling and happy life.

Counseling can help you with problems such as anxiety, depression and stress, coping with university life or study, stress, loneliness, drug and alcohol abuse and addictions, , family and relationship issues, negative feelings and suicidal thoughts.

Listening is important when helping a family member or friend through difficult times, but sometimes they need more help than you can give.

If you’re concerned about a friend’s or someone you care about mental health, encourage your family member, friend or colleague to:

  • book a telehealth (video/online or phone) consultation
  • seek support from their family
  • contact their doctor
  • call Lifeline phone counselling service on 13 11 14 (open 24/7).

FKC Health is committed to helping you become the best version of you.

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