About Us

FKC Health is a new concept in Counselling, Coaching and Consulting with a theme of ultimate health and well-being. This project to bring consciousness and awareness to people has been burgeoning for nearly thirty years in the making.

Counselling – Centered around, balance, clarity, direction, purpose, health, wealth and happiness.

Coaching – Centered around Health, restoration, improvement, goals diet, exercise and behavior.

Consulting – Centered around Holistic health including allied health professionals and also alternative health practitioners. Systems, processes, methodologies and technology.

Marketing for Health professionals both on and off line and Web and Social Media based.

We are passionate to help people overcome challenges and issues that they may have a far greater life experience and wisdom to experience health, wealth and happiness..

Our Mission

Our aim is raise consciousness and awareness in our selves and others and help the world become a far more healthier and safer place through a multifaceted approach to the Health and Wellness Industry .

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Who is FKC Health?

When you know that your practitioner is passionate and committed to care and get totally present to your needs then empathy and compassion help you achieve your goals far more easier.

Consulting in Australia, and online internationally, I am a qualified life and business coach. My specialties include; Innovative and creative Business coaching/ Life Coaching, Counselling, Consulting and Training, Integral Theory, Spiral Dynamics and Neuro Linguistic Programming. I love to see people reach their full potential and am passionate about raising consciousness and awareness, of both myself and others. This is why I am dedicated to counselling and coaching people in life.

I have aligned myself with others in the Health and Well-being space some of which are Allied Health Professionals and also Alternative Health Practitioners which enables an offering that is quite unique because usually the two streams of health service don’t see eye to eye. We are adopting a synergistic model where data and research and results are going to be tracked and monitored which will allow for new breakthroughs and innovations.

How Can We Help You?

FKC Health is a Counselling, Coaching and Consulting organisation providing support to those who have these areas of need. We service the allied health industry, individuals and organisations and where appropriate provide mentoring services to those who would benefit greatly from people with experience so that they can achieve their excellence at an accelerated rate.