Why Consult with FKC Health?

Many times projects require outsourced expertise. FKC Health’s Frederick Krasey has been involved in consulting for over thirty five years in over 60 different fields of endeavor from the security industry to retail sales, real estate training, corporate consulting, culture and the manufacturing sector.


The last ten years he has been consulting in the digital space in terms of Web Design, SEO, Social Media and online marketing. In 2017-2018 Freddy was engaged with the NAB (National Australia Bank) in the area of counseling, coaching and training in team management and leadership.


The varied experience and wide scope of industries have allowed FKC Health the opportunity to contribute not only to the digital sector, but in Finance, Internet Banking and NAB connect to name a few.  Currently servicing and consulting for several clients in the Allied Health Industry, FKC Health is looking forward to create some more great opportunities, raising the consciousness and awareness of mature aged people in the health and well-being field.


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FKC Health also offers workshops for online strategies, business coaching for small to large scale projects.

How Does Freddy Communicate?

Health coach, Adam Zaks of A2ZedHealth interviews Frederick Krasey briefly touching on the challenges people face with anxiety / depression; Also discussing the positive direction Freddy sees humanity heading towards with an improvement of consciousness and awareness

International Coaching Guild

(Sponsored by The Coaching Institute.)

The Life Balance and Awareness Model by Frederick Krasey

Strategies to help with Self-love, Self-esteem, Self-awareness. Covering the Central Navigation System around Beliefs, Thoughts and Physiology and the three main areas of Health, Wealth and Happiness. Personal development, life coaching, lifestyle and life hacks.

FKC Health is committed to helping you become the best version of you. The Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

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