Defining Your Values

The following guiding principles are for a values driven culture and have been wrought out of a strong desire to create a work and community ethic that is strong, creative and supportive.

These principles have been formulated through meditation and evaluation of the energy required to create a vibrant culture that is nurturing and supportive. Select from these which suit you the most, take them all if you wish, add to them, change them and above all. Create harmony, peace and happiness.

We live and work in the scope of absolute and infinite possibility where all things are possible and we are open and ready for change for the better.

We take responsibility for the part or parts we play in all outcomes that concern us either directly or indirectly and take ownership of our causation.

We live at choice at all times choosing the best outcomes, behaviors, responses and decisions that empower and enhance our lives and the lives of those we touch.

We approach our day from a creative mindset which allows us to be creative in the outpourings of our work and self expression.

From an innovative mindset we raise standards, quality, functionality, methodology, efficiency and effectiveness in all products, services, procedures and processes.

We are free to be who we really are, shining at what we do best and choosing what is ours to do or not do.

There is no separation between self and others; we treat ourselves aon others with love, dignity and the highest respect. Our communications are present and caring.

We are committed to excellence and high standards and take pride in our work. We are tradespeople, Artisans and Master Craftsmen, we also are astute, adept and adroit.

Honoring our word to ourselves and each other is part of our values driven culture. Doing what we say we will do is our maxim.

Fairness, and fair dealings, sincerity and honoring our commitments including win, win and delivering on promises is on of our highest hallmarks.

Looking through first, second, third and fourth position perspectives and living, working and acting from a flexible mind set is the norm as we rise above paradoxes and find new and creative ways of doing things. This mindset also applies to Leadership, Management, Systems, Process and Human Behavior and Relationships.

Our desire of the nature of our culture, participation and influence which is manifest will be radiated out into the world from our core.

A vital environment of health, wealth and happiness for all stakeholders., and participating people. Customers, staff and end users. Wei a positive out-flowing influence on community.

A balanced work place with balanced life styles that the order and peace and prosperity is consistent and sustainable.

Is held in the highest regard with care and consideration and mutual love, growth and prosperity and support both at the company and the private individual levels.

Is to be encouraged in all the above aspects so that each person can reach their full potential and get totally present to who they are and what has meaning and purpose to them.

To think both creatively and innovatively with time and care to the ramifications and possibliliti8es before setting things into motion.

A value of harmony where relationship is considered and people work in a positive flex flow environment of peace, love and happiness.

All activity is weighed up in the light of the effects of causation and momentum’s set into action. Decisions are considered for the effect and behaviors are checked, monitored, modified and changed to express in a way that all that take place is for the highest good of all.

An atmosphere of support and encouragement is provided and maintained to help each reach their full potential and fulfillment both at work and in their personal lives.

Our unique learning’s life experiences and special knowledge is like a shared database that all who enter here are open to the synergistic wealth of our combined knowledge and wisdom.

Learning is encouraged at all levels whether it is directly related to our products or services or not. Even to the point if someone is studying to improve their lives, both business or purely personal. Personal Development is a prerequisite to work here. An ongoing commitment to learn about their crafts and work and also life skills which include relationship skills and finances are a must to be a part of our culture.

Communication is to be open, honest, sincere, direct, relevant, intelligent, articulate, positive, sober rand for the highest good of all. Communication skills are to be improved and worked on for life.

Through our successes and abundant prosperity we give of our time, money, knowledge and resources to ourselves, others and each other in such a way that we are always raising consciousness and helping those in need to find ways to help themselves even though we do provide the means and support.

We are always mindful that each challenge, or situation presented to us can be an opportunity to provide a solution. This is where our creativity, thinking and innovation comes in to play to solve problems.

Our community extends beyond the work place into our families, associations, relationships and friends as well as indirectly the rest of the world. Our community and culture are values driven from our guiding principles and love as well as compassion are the highest values that drives the rest.

The underlying principle of our daily lives and work is to have fun. To make a game out of it all and to play full out and play to win as well as help everyone across the finish line. We take our work seriously and seriously make it fun. It is no longer work but play to which we are joyously committed.

A great sense of wholesome humor that is edifying and encouraging, that lifts up, supports and encourages everyone’s mood and state of mind.