Life Balance and Awareness

One of the major inhibitors of balance and awareness in a person’s life is whether or not a person has the willingness and sometimes even the ability of how-to take action, both when and where it’s needed.

Witnessing this dilemma again and again became the impetus to design a system which we introduce people to, for the purpose of developing guidance, balance, purpose, mission and strategies that in an holistic way can empower their lives so that they have a direction, a way of monitoring their progress and a definite major purpose.

See the diagram down below. The diagram has a central triangle and three surrounding triangles, each with key themes and strategies that work together holistically and in conjunction with each other.

In the diagram as in the process there are four key areas.  By understanding and integrating these components you have a guide for how to deal with these different areas of your life, in such a way that you can have increased wisdom and a far greater mastery over your existence.