The Vibe Meter

Vibe Meter FKC Health0-50
This is very undesirable (you don’t want to go there) anyone resonating at 50 or below are in a negative state and are to be regarded with extreme caution as their influence is not good.
If their vibration is always around this region avoid them like plague. If they visit this region occasionally try to not be in their space whilst this is taking place. IF you go there realize it and do something about it.

This is border line. These people are a drain that usually pulls you down. Watch out and if you ever are there yourself don’t stay there very long. If they are looking up by all means help them. If they are looking down, get out of their way and let them go.

This is hopeful. This is your average cheery sort of person but got stuff going on beneath the surface. They put on a brave face but deep down something is still niggling at them. At least you can work with them without being greatly negatively affected.

This is a good place to be. It is not hyper, it is balanced and happy. A healthy way to be and is slightly above average. This is the region where you want to operate from as a balanced person so that you can enjoy and monitor your highs and lows. This level of energy is a great place to work and mix with others.

In the zone, cruising, good vibes, positive influence lifting yourself and others up. Well above average. This person is usually a mover and shaker, has great confidence and is a force to be reckoned with. This is also someone who has high energy and is happy, healthy wealthy and wise.

Look out! These people are either manic or super being. It is great to get up into the 90’s however above 95 is headed toward ecstasy and peak experiences. No person really lives there all the time. However a great place to be at various times in your life. People who are always around 90 plus or minus 3 are charismatic people and a rarity. Sometimes we are fooled that these people are always around this region however they can also be a little bi-polar.

Totally manic, drugs or deluded. (possibly an avatar lol)

The moral of the story if you can live the bulk of your life between 70-90 you are an exceptional human being who is a bright light in this world with balance and contribution towards yourself and others.

My preference is to hover around the 80’s + or – 5 so I can move in and out of situations comfortably and confidently. I do experience my lows and monitor and deal with them as quick as possible. Also my highs are great but I also have to monitor them and enjoy them without letting them affect my balanced judgment of how I am affecting others or caring for myself at the time.

I have a friend who is high on life and is pretty much at 90 all the time. He seems to be able to handle that and is very consistent. I am very impressed and do enjoy being around him. He is an inspiration and joy to be with, a rare individual indeed.

All of the above is my hallucination on the law of attraction and vibration however this is a system we have implemented at work and we monitor the vibrations of ourselves and workers to make sure that the average vibe for our workplace is always above 70.

The main thing about all of this is that is helps us keep check of our moods and thoughts so that we produce a better life and environment. So far we have found that it had made a profound difference to our lives.

Hope you have a 90+ day and that your joy is awesome