Spiral Dynamics


Bethany Krasey

Edited By Frederick Krasey

This summary was created for the purpose of simplifying a very complex theory, based of research from the book “Spiral Dynamics” by Don beck and Chris Cowan as well as an informative, Don Beck interview by “What is Enlightenment” Magazine. There is more to Spiral Dynamics than I have written, so feel free to research further, but for the sake of starting somewhere I invite those with kindling curiosity a springboard. I do not take credit for the theory itself only the way I have presented and pre-framed it for easy digestion. Most of the analogies and explanations here are my own expression.


Table of Contents

Understanding Spiral Dynamics

  • What is it?
  • What Are Memes?
  • Philosophy
  • What are the known Memes?
  • History and Emergence of Memes
  • Further Distinctions

Understanding Change Within the Spiral

  • Six Necessary Conditions for change
  • Five steps in the cycle of change
  • Variations of Change in the Spiral
  • Instigating Change