Understanding Emotions

Understanding Emotions FKC HealthThe emotional realm of our lives can drive us to do many things that if thought through, might have had a better outcome with a response rather than a reaction. I will be including in my site many different tools and processes for the evaluation of emotions including an emotional scale to which one can see where they are at on a day to day, moment to moment basis.

Also this is a section where we can explore different scenarios of behavior and thinking.

Many people are unaware of how much our emotional state controls our decisions and behaviors.

Emotional intelligence, wisdom, maturity and mastery are just some of the phrases that describe the many hues of emotional expression.

When someone is ill equipped emotionally and has no control over their emotions they live at the effect of their feelings and emotions and are circumstantially driven rather than choice driven with wisdom running their lives.

In many cases it is pure overwhelm and insufficient self control that causes people to do silly stuff and make poor choices and decision.

To really have a good handle on outcomes and guidance for one’s life, one must come to a place where they are employing three areas of intelligent guidance over the use of their feelings and emotions and these three areas being the brain, the heart and the gut need to work in unison and collaboration with each other.

Usually when we make a poor decision or just simply react rather than respond, we had no accountability we just expressed our emotion without a safety check or some corresponding information on what the best outcome would be.

In most cases when we have an event or situation that triggers us into some sort of feedback to that trigger we are most likely to react if we are not trained to do otherwise. The outcome of this behavior or result is that the outcome of this reaction is most often not good and we get very poor results and the outcome is not good and sometimes things either do not get resolved or in fact can take a far greater time to resolve if at all. However when we respond which means that we just don’t cannon off from the original event or trigger, we take time to consider our reply or course of action then the outcome we hope for is usually much more easily obtained and the result far quicker and more beneficial.

Part of the training we offer is to examine and address dysfunctional thinking and reaction behavioral patterns and find pathways of response to trying situations that will serve both the participant and all whom they relation to in a far more beneficial and productive way.

A huge advantage of having emotional control and flexibility is that it gives each of us a far greater ability in negotiations and in relating to others in a far more harmonious way. The skill sets of increasing ones emotional mastery require learning and feedback and evaluation.

Part of the training we do enhances your awareness and brings to light many of the areas of self improvement that you can attain to.

The advantages of undergoing this type of work are profound especially in the area of relationships both personal and business. This is also an area when mastered can have profound effects on those around you especially people under your care such as children, partners and employees.

Emotions can enhance people’s lives and experiences and they can also be highly destructive if not understood, mastered and handled. This is an area of life where it can mean the difference of either winning or losing in your love life, personal life or business life.

Some of the areas to be considered about emotions are as follows:

Emotions of wanting:

Emotions of not wanting:

Emotions of having:

Emotions of not having:

Other mind-changing emotions:

It is not often that we are willing to see ourselves as we actually are or how others see us. One of the fastest ways we can grow emotionally is not to take feedback personally but to take it seriously enough to observe our effect on others and see the meaning of our communications through the responses we get.

When overwhelm is removed from a person’s life and when we can begin to see ourselves as we truly are and take responsibility for our continual learning and growth, so much new possibility exists for us.

It is our intention always to expand consciousness and awareness in ourselves and others and emotions are such an intrinsic part of our work and teachings that many people find themselves in a brave new world in a very short time. This empowerment gives personal self-control, self-esteem and a deeper sense of self-love.

Discover the depths of your own being and those around you. Rise above your previous circumstance and learn how to get mastery over your own self and lower nature. This then puts you into a place of personal power and gives you a far greater ability in interpersonal relationships.

Learn what the top performers and leaders in their fields know and use and become a person of far superior value than hitherto before.