A2ZedHealth Wholistic Health Coaching

Adam Zaks Wholistic Health CoachThe A2ZedHealth program of wholistic Health is a multidimensional learning program which integrates a range of modalities and practices including personal training that is tailored to your exact needs and personal journey. The commitment I have is to educate you and train you on many levels dependent upon how far down the rabbit hole you wish to go.

In the A – Z program it has a pathway of learning and application for each letter of the alphabet.

This program was designed and created by myself Adam Zaks and named after the initials of my name. I have been developing this program for nearly 20 years and it is based on deep study and application of the areas in the program. We cover topics, like physical health, philosophical health, and nutritional health and how it affects us on a personal level.

The reason why it is so multidimensional is because without a complete picture many people do the exercises, eat the right foods, even drink the water and get the sleep however there are so many hidden, unseen and undetected factors that affect our health such as toxicity caused by stress, toxic relationships, emotional, psychological, mental, physical stresses, financial stresses and even spiritual issues that go on impacting our lives on an ongoing basis.

Some of the benefits of working with an elite wholistic health coach. (Wholistic as opposed to Holistic)

  • All aspects possible are taken into consideration so your applications are synergised and do not cancel each other out.
  • Access to special documentaries that focus on the holism of health including anti-aging and longevity.
  • Nutrition that goes far beyond just the basic information that most people embrace.
  • Meditation and other practices that enhance the endocrine system and neural nervous system
  • Exercise that is designed for your age, weight, lifestyle and that includes balance, mobility, safe movement that also enhances further brain development. Bio mechanical and skeletal wisdom
  • Spiritual insight and wisdom towards increasing your health of being-ness and supports you well into your mature years.
  • Preventative living to extend the enjoyment of your life as you get older and give you a wider bandwidth of experience than you would have normally had as you aged.
  • Performance enhancement and health habits of the elite athletes and people who appear young whilst being not so young.
  • Ways to enjoy your relationships more and heighten your vitality and vigour. (More energy )
  • The remission and sometimes reversal of some debilitating illnesses.

This and a whole lot more.

Why not book me for a free discovery session to see if I am the right fit for you.

Adam Zaks

Wholistic Health Coach and Practitioner.